Alcohol detoxification – 5 natural ways

What alcohol detoxification is all about?
They are usually medical treatments or programs that are run by some institutions, where you need to stay for several weeks in special conditions. There you will receive and use drugs so you can avoid withdrawal symptoms which sometimes can lead to other bigger medical problems (seizures and worst – death).

Alcohol detoxification – 5 natural ways

Alcohol detoxification – 5 natural ways

During the process of alcohol detoxification it’s important to stay mentally prepared. You will have to combine this process of detoxification with going to group supports and psychiatric help. However If you have the willpower and you are filling that you are prepared mentally to take the step and detox your body naturally, getting the best from the process we are here to give you information what food you should eat and which supplements to include in your daily life. They will cleanse your body, detox you and help you to achieve your goal.

1. Vitamin B12

It’s important to include Vitamin B12 in your food. B12 is B-complex vitamin who helps to regulate and restore the function of the liver. Liver is the “filter” station for cleaning the toxins in the organism, first step in alcohol detoxification.

2. Vitamin C
Also important vitamin, it will help the brain receptors to stay clear and reduce your interest in drugs and alcohol. (Check our info graphic here and share it Top 5 Vitaimin C food)

3. Amino acids

L-glutamine is the amino acid who specifically is responsible for your mood. It’s important for you to be in great mood, which will help you to go further in the process and break your addiction cycle.

4. Essential fatty acids

Great mood, Cleanse your kidney – important (Check our article here Top 5 sources of omega 3 fatty acids)

5. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

Great herb rich with antioxidant silymarin, helping for restoring your liver and protecting against alcohol induced liver damage. (Check here for more benefits of this herb)

Bonus tip: Every morning replace your coffee with this great shakes which will clean your liver The best 4 Detox shakes

Stay Healthy – Healthyss Team !