7 Foods for every day, for longer life!

Yep, this 7 foods will longer your life (your sexual life also). You can combine them in everyday snacks, breakfasts, lunch etc. Give your body the treatment he deserve

Ingredients that these delicious foods have will benefit for longer life, better sex.

Why 7, well 1 for every day in week, those that we will mention are the most common from their “category” and you can find them everywhere with ease.

1. Strawberry or Blueberry 

– Rich with antioxidants.

2. Spinach or Romaine Lettuce 

– Rich with omega3 fatty acids. They are excellent combination for every salad. Popeye was not a fool 🙂

3. Yogurt or Kefir 

– Rich with probiotic organisms for boosting your immune system. (Search for “live and cultures” label on the package before you buy)

4. Red tomatoes or watermelon 

– Rich with lycopene. Excellent cancer prevention.

5. Walnuts or Almonds 

– Extra rich with Omega3 and anti-inflammatory polyphenols.

6. Oats or flaxseeds 

– Rich with soluble fibers

7. Black beans or lima beans

– Rich with anthocyanins, boost your brain function.

Use these foods, combine them, Stay Healthy and Keep calm, ignore junk food  J