6 Things You May Not Know About Your Butt!

There is a reason why women tend to have bigger bottoms than men. So if you want to find interesting facts about your butt, and in which ways its size affects your health, keep reading…

6 Things You May Not Know About Your Butt!

6 Things You May Not Know About Your Butt!

1. The butt muscles are the largest in the whole body. Consider, your butt have to hold your torso upright. Also, the stronger the muscles of your butt are, the higher you can jump.

2. Using wet wipes for babies is not a good idea. Many people have allergic reactions and can gain dermatitis from the chemicals that baby wipes contain (infants, on the other hand, do not have this problem), so that is why you should use ordinary toilet paper.

3. You have bigger butt than your boyfriend because estrogen stimulates the fat accumulation there. In men the fat is deposited in the stomach, while in women straight in their bottoms. It’s one of the reasons why women are more likely to have a big butt and men to have a big belly.

4. Skin cancer can appear on your butt even if it was never exposed to sunlight. Skin cancer can occur even on the most unusual places throughout the body, including the areas between your toes, armpits, buttocks and genitals. It is one of the reasons why your doctor should fully examine every part of your body.

5. The bigger your butt is, the smarter you are. According to a study conducted by the University of Oxford, women with big bottoms are associated with higher intelligence, allegedly due to having a larger number of omega-3 fats that help in the development of the brain.

6. If you have a big butt, is less likely to get sick seriously. The same study from Oxford showed that women with bigger bottoms are less likely to suffer from diabetes or heart disease, even though these two conditions are often associated with obesity. source: HealthyandNaturalLife

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