These Are The 5 Supplements You Need To Build Muscle Mass

Supplement your way to great gains.

Supplementation plays a huge role in bodybuilding. Without the right nutrition and supplementation, no matter how much time you spend in the gym, you won’t see results. Supplements can make life easier and more convenient.

They’re especially helpful for the people who are always on the move or who don’t have the time to prep their meals in advance. Popping a protein shake during a class or on the subway can be a life—or rather, gains—saver.

Although supplements are important, some people take it to the next level. They buy every supplement they can get their hands on. While some supplement can help you achieve your goals, the others won’t do anything for you.

These Are The 5 Supplements You Need To Build Muscle Mass:

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein has earned itself a name throughout the fitness industry. It’s become synonymis with muscle building. Whey protein is a complete protein, contains all nine essential amino acids and is low in lactose content.

It helps in building lean muscle by promoting protein synthesis. Whey protein comes in three forms: concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate. Hydroslate is the purest form followed by isolate and concentrate.

How to take it: You can take whey protein at any time throughout the day. The best time for muscle gains is to take it right after your workout. You can even take a whey protein shake first thing in the morning to force your body to use it as its primary fuel source.

2. Pre-Workout

3. Creatine

A lot has been said about this supplement. While some people doubt its safety,

many studies have proved its safety and effectiveness. Creatine replenishes your ATP resources which help you get out more reps and sets.
It also has a water retaining property which adds bulk to your body. If you’re looking to gain some muscle mass, creatine combined with whey protein will be your best bet.

The best part about creatine is, unlike whey protein, you don’t need to be taking it forever. You can cycle this supplement, however, the difference between staying on and cycling it on and off, are minimal.

How to take it: Creatine can be taken before or after a workout. Taking it before your workout will help in the ATP replenishment during your workouts.

Use creatine for three weeks and come off it for the next three weeks. Follow this cycle for this supplement for best results.

4. BCAAs

BCAAs are a must have if you have long, grueling workouts. You’re at a risk of going into a catabolic (muscle losing) state during long and intense workout sessions.

Taking BCAAs help in repairing your muscles while you’re working out. This eliminates the risk of muscle loss.

BCAAs are also incredibly effective in improving immunity. This is important because every time you lift weights you’re putting your nervous system under stress. This supplement will also make sure you’re never deficient in amino acids.

How to take it: You can sip on BCAAs throughout the day. Taking this supplement during your workout is recommended. You can also take it before going to bed. This will give your body some time to recover as it will have the required amino acids.

5. Fat Burners

Fat burners can be a blessing if you’re getting ready for a competition or if you’re getting in shape to hit the beach this summer. They will help you shed the extra weight and fat conveniently. Fat burners consist of ingredients which help with fat reduction.

Fat burners raise your metabolic rate, which will make you burn calories even while you’re sitting. By taking fat burners, your body burns calories which result in the release of energy.

You’ll feel more energetic throughout your days when you’re taking fat burning supplements.

How to take it: You can take a fat burner at multiple times during the day. Taking it on waking up will kick start your metabolism. You can also take it after a meal or before your workout.

All fat burner supplements are different, refer to the directions on the bottle to see the recommended dosages.