5 Signs Proving You NEED A Break From The Iron

Don’t miss these signs

All of the sudden you had this mood swing from going to the gym. Even though you’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and the past couple of months have been great. You are noticing the transformation but now you feel as if the progress has stalled.

Perhaps it is time for a break?

To be honest, I never like taking a day off from the gym and at times when it happened, I tried my best to kick the lazy me away, and push beyond the limits. Of course, the fear of losing gains is always there and everybody else experiences it, however; I realized that it might be a sign that I need to take a break.

YES! Taking rest maybe for 3-5 days or for a whole week after a few months is a part of the gym routine. As a matter of fact, these signs are like a warning to your body that you should now take a break, else your gains will either halt or if not reverse.

5 Signs You Need A Break From The Gym

Below I’ve explained some of the most common signs that clearly indicate you need a break immediately. Don’t worry, your gains won’t stop or reverse if you take a short break, instead you’ll be able to double them after a rest of a few days.

1. Sleeplessness

Of course, we all have other activities in our life like job, business, family, etc. Though we adjust our time to workout at the gym, overworking yourself results in sleeplessness, especially when you are hitting the gym four, five or six times a week.

You may find yourself finding comfort during sleep or getting up really tired. It’s a clear sign that you should take some time off.

2. Injuries

A must and a definite need to be mentioned are injuries. At times, you might get injured or feel as if you’ve tweaked a joint or pulled a muscle. Time to take a break and allow your body to heal. If you continue to work out during your injury, it’ll only worsen. This ain’t a good idea man.

Don’t get too obsessed that you severely damaged anything, just take a short break and allow your body to heal as much as it could.

3. Getting Sick

It happened to me during the start of 2017. All of the sudden I got sick, even though it wasn’t the cold or any stomach disorders but overall I was feeling really down. What happens is when you overwork too much, it affects your immune system badly. As a result, you are more susceptible to getting sick.

Take an immediate break if you experience any such sickness to avoid any further damage to your immune system. Eat healthy during your rest days and try to walk 15-30 minutes daily at the park.

4. Terrible Mood

Well, we all have terrible moods but sometimes if you find yourself constantly in a bad mood, even when there is no need of it, it’s a clear indication that your body and mind are exhausted by the workout routine and you desperately need a break to bring yourself back to peace.

5. Plateaus On Lifts

One last sign that you are overworking yourself is that your lifts are stalling out. This might confuse you as if you’ve lost the strength because all of the sudden the progress you had made over the weeks has declined.

Don’t worry! It isn’t something very serious, rather an indication that your body needs some time for recovery. Just chill out and take a week off. When you’ll come back, you’ll feel much stronger than before and excited as well.

TIP: The expert bodybuilders recommend taking some rest after 8-12 weeks of working out. This is the best way to maximize your gains, allowing your body the ideal recovery time and getting back the energy kick to hit the gym again.