4 Easy Steps to Make Your Body Ripped

How to Get A Ripped Body – Four Basic Facts

It is not strange for you to see a picture of a well ripped person and wish to be like them. There are many factors that can help you to make your body ripped. Here are few of these factors.

Individual differences

We are not all the same in our body make up. That is the first factor you must have in mind in order to make your body ripped. If you see an image in a magazine and wish to be like the person, you are already defeated. There are chances that if you get ripped you will not look like what you see in the picture. You should therefore concentrate on getting ripped your own way.

The negative effect of trying to look like someone else is frustration. There are many people who gave up on their training because they realized they were not looking like they like. Here are some other ways that can make you look ripped.


This is the second major factor that determines how you get a ripped body. If you want to get ripped, you must do 90 percent exercise and 10 percent diet. This has fortunately been reversed.

Much of the fat excess fat are stored in the abs region which is the main area that shows whether you are ripped or not. If you are able to control your eating habits so that less fat is stored in your abs region, then you will make a great headway in your desire to get a ripped body.


That is the next factor. You must do the right kind of exercise in order to put toughen your abs and chest muscles. Your exercises should target the right muscles. The exercise should also be of the right intensity to produce the right effects.

Exercises that make you less stable are good for the abs. That is why ball exercises are best for getting ripped abs. There should also be exercises that help strengthen the muscles.


You must perform particular exercises regularly in order to get the result you want. So you must motivate yourself in order to follow the routine you create. You can and will get ripped body, but you have to start by taking action.