330-Pound Dropout Turns Life Around By Losing 140 Pounds

After reading Joe’s story you will never say “I can’t”

Meet Joe, a 330lb. high school dropout who is unemployed and has horrible eating habits. Joe lives with his grandfather and spends his days watching Turner classic movies and Buffy reruns while binge eating an absurd amount of unhealthy foods.

If he has enough energy he plays video games and browses internet forums. Joe is what we, the internet people, would call a “neckbeard.” An unhealthy, overweight, 20-something who devours more junk food than a woman on her period.

Joe is living his days hoping he wouldn’t wake up the next morning. But, his meaningless life is about to take a sudden U-turn that will change everything.

One night he was watching a boxing movie, which, funny enough, was titled “Fat City.” That movie triggered something in him and he decided to go and take a 3am walk on a rainy night. He barely made it around the block, but he kept pushing himself.

He decided to start repeating that much needed healthy habit. So, he kept it up. Kept walking and walking and walking.

Which led to him seeing his friends again, going to the doctor to fix his thyroid which he messed up with all that junk food and fat gains.

Before he knew it, he went from 330lbs. to 280lbs. just by walking. Then something magical happened; he found an old pair of 10lb. dumbbells in his aunt’s basement.

And just like wolves in the wild instinctively know how to hunt for food, so did Joe know, that when you find a pair of dumbbells — you curl that sh*t ’till you start seeing gainz!

Thus began Joe’s journey to become swole. He had no idea on how to work out, he had no workout plan but he had determination.

Joe eventually finished high school through distance education and enrolled in a university. After some time of doing nothing but curls and some improvised overhead press, he started googling for some basic workout routines to help him further his transition from a human sack of potatoes to a muscle machine.

He found a bare basics article based on bodyweight training which guided him towards creating a bodyweight-only workout plan.

It was difficult at first, he could barely do knee push-ups. But, at least he now had a healthy habit in check and good things were happening for him. He got a scholarship at a university and started losing weight — baby steps.

However, his old eating habits were still there. He was eating everything and anything in sight.

He would often get a footlong steak sub and a full-sized bag of Doritos and a bottle of Diet Coke, and then devour all that before a single episode of Community is over.