30 Ways to Use Lemon – Awesome list

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians believed that the lemon has effective protection against various toxins and that recent studies have confirmed this belief?

There are many health benefits of lemon known for centuries. The most famous is that lemon has a strong antibacterial and antiviral activity. Lemon strengthens immunity and may help in weight loss because lemon juice speeds up the metabolism. It contains many ingredients: citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoid and other ingredients that increase immunity and fight infection. These are well known facts about lemon, but this little yellow fruit still hide secrets.

– Acne

Lemon contains citric acid that may help in the treatment of acne. Its alkaline nature kills certain bacteria known to cause acne. Lemon juice and water should be the first thing to do in the morning.

  • Put fresh lemon juice on the acne and leave it to stay throughout the night. In the morning wash your face with water. It is possible to feel the discomfort of the skin but it will quickly disappear.
  • Mix, one part, freshly squeezed lemon juice with equal parts juice of roses or honey. Put the mixture on your face and let it stay for at least half an hour. Then remove it with water. Repeat this treatment twice a day. Morning and evening.

 – Anxiety

It is believed that inhaling lemon oil can boost concentration and alertness. If you feel tense, place a few drops of essential oil on fabric and breathe.

– Oral cavity sores

Proven antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon can speed up the healing of sores in the oral cavity. Mix the juice of freshly squeezed lemon and a glass of lukewarm water and rinse your mouth three times a day. There is an opportunity to feel tingling when the lemon juice in contact with the damaged part of the mucous membrane.

 – Fiver

Fiver may occur due to various reasons and lemon is always useful solution. Add the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water, put a teaspoon of honey and drink it immediately then repeat the same thing every 2 hours until the temperature drops.

 – Cold flu

Use the spa with power of lemon and receive necessary amount of vitamin C in the cells for defense.

The first sign of a cold are runny nose or throat inflammation; increase the dose of vitamin C in order to eliminate the virus. Drink freshly squeezed juice of one lemon with warm water every two hours.

In a glass of lukewarm water add the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of sea salt. Rinse the throat three times a day. If it comes to angina rinse the throat every two hours at least thirty seconds with freshly squeezed juice of one lemon.

– Clavus

Slices of lemon applied at night are a good remedy against clavus. Place a slice of lemon around 5 mm thick and wrap it with a bandage.

– Eczema

If you suffer from skin infection, lemon will provide relief. In a glass of lukewarm water, add eight drops of essential oil of lemon and a big spoon of honey. Honey also has anti-inflammatory effect and increases the healing power of lemon.

Soak a cloth in the mixture; put it on the spot for 15 minutes, two to three times daily. Not only will facilitate infection but will prevent it to happen again

– Fatigue

World travelers and researchers see the lemon as a gift. A small amount of lemon juice will quench thirst more quickly than a large amount of water.

The essential oil of lemon stimulates the brain so whenever you feel tired or cannot concentrate, add four drops of oil of lemon in a bowl for aroma therapy.

– Breath refresh

Lemon can help refresh your breath after consumption of certain spices, alcohol and cigarettes. For more fresh breath wash your mouth several times a day with fresh lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water. Chewing pieces of lemon after each meal can also help.

– Hypertension

Garlic and onions showed good impact in the fight against hypertension and lemon showed the same effect. Add three pieces of sliced ​​onion and one chopped onion in cold milk or soy milk. Boil and leave to stand for five minutes. Strain the contents and add the juice of three lemons. Drink the content it in the daytime.

If you suffer from high cholesterol do not forget that the pectin in lemon can help reduce cholesterol.

– Insomnia

Several studies have found that lemon combined with other herbs like hops and chamomile soothes and helps to reduce anxiety.


Lemon juice has highly alkaline effect on the body and therefore it is natural remedy for excess acids partly responsible for rheumatism. Make juice of one lemon and combine it with a glass of warm water, drink three times a day, and if you have severe pain add the juice of two lemons and drink it three times a day. Massage the painful spots daily with a few drops of lemon oil mixed with a tablespoon of jojoba oil.

– Metabolism booster

Add juice of one lemon in a glass with lukewarm water and drink it after every meal. Citric acid will stimulate the production of gastric acid and activity of the abdominal muscles.

– Varicose veins

Lemon oil can help in the fight against varicose veins. Take two to three drops of lemon oil and add jojoba oil, avocado or almond and massage the affected areas. If it comes to varicose veins add six drops of lemon oil, 50 milliliters of oil crops and two drops of cypress and juniper. Use this mixture daily and massage the legs towards the heart.

– Clean the dirty pans and dishes

Dirty pans and dirty dishes? Try to use a lemon before you use toxic chemicals to clean. Put a little salt in half a lemon and rub in the oily dirt area.

– Clean the teapot or coffee pot coffee

Fill the pot with water, add a few thin slices of lemon and Boil the water. Then, remove from the heating and let stand one hour. Then drain and wash it well. For coffee pot add ice, salt and lemon, rub it good for two minutes and rinse off.

– Clean microwave oven

Instead use strong chemicals Try this: Add lemon in a wide dish that you have previously attained with water to half the heat in microwave 5 minutes at a high temperature, allow the steam to condense on the inside, then remove the bowl and wipe with a towel.

– Garbage

Use lemon peels to remove the odor from the garbage.

– Clean the chromium

Easy rub it the chrome with lemon, rinse and polish with a soft cloth.

– Clean the copper

Half lemon mashed with salt or baking powder can be used to clean copper.

– Against insects

Add twenty drops of lemon in a glass of water and spray it in the air, or soak cotton in lemon oil and keep it in the bedroom.

– Remove dead skin cells

Give your skin a new glow with gentle massaging with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar.

– Reduce the stretch marks

Heat a cup of milk, two teaspoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of cognac or brandy. Cool the mixture to room temperature, apply on the stretch marks, wait to dry and then wash it.

– Freckles

Rub them with lemon juice and rinse after fifteen minutes. Repeat the procedure at night.

– Face cream

Mix juice of one lemon and a quarter cup of olive or almond oil. Apply it on your face and leave it to stay.

– Dandruff

Rinse your hair with water, add a teaspoon of lemon juice in cup of water and then massage your head.

Stay Healthy – Healthyss team!