16 Best Tips How to Stay Happy

In this day and age, an increasing number of people run the risk of being clinically depressed, due to having a really fast lifestyle. It seems more and more impossible that one can be well and stay happy, when one has a very turbulent life and an unhealthy diet. However, this is where the power of science has come in and developed several changes that will prove to be therapeutic to your mind and heart.

Stay Happy

Stay Happy

For short, they’re called TLC (which stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes). These so called TLCs have been developed so that they can help you improve your psychological health, and we have presented them below, in no particular order of importance, just stay happy 🙂

1. Substitute processed products and fast foot with organic, whole and natural foods.

2. Exercise every day. If you cannot go to the gym, or don’t have one in your home, don’t fret, because you can just take a half hour walk to ensure that you get your daily activity. However, try to do exercises at least three times a week to ensure you stay happy and healthy.

3. Exercising daily will keep you from gaining body fat or being overweight.

4. Lounge in the sun and ensure that you have enough vitamin D. Also, you can ingest foods rich with vitamin D like fish, dairy products, eggs and mushrooms, as well as take vitamin D supplements.

5. Add oily fish, omega 3 eggs, and whole soy foods and canola oil to your diet. They contain omega 3 and help you get the optimal level of omega 3 fats in your system without having to use supplements.

6. Whole soy foods, as well as fish, along with turkey, and lean meats contain a lot of tryptophan, which is a natural antidepressant.

7. You should also add foods that contain folate in your daily dishes. These include beans, peas, lentils, vegetables, tomatoes, parsley and others.

8. Lower the level of your sugar intake and avoid drinking sodas and other beverages that contain sugar in large quantities.

9. If you like adding spices and various herbs into your dishes, then ensure that they are the kind of herbs that prevent inflammation, like curry, rosemary and ginger. Inflammation can be cause a lot of harm to your body and mind.

10. Ensure that your diet lists foods that contain both vitamin B-12 and magnesium as well. Magnesium can be ingested through foods like nuts, green veggies, seeds, red meats, and others. The best sources for vitamin B-12 are shellfish, dairy products and fish. If you belong to the higher risk groups, or are over 50 years old, make sure you check with your doctor that the levels of magnesium and vitamin B-12 are optimal in your blood, because otherwise, you might have to take supplements.

11. Of course, add as much fruits and vegetables to your diet as possible, especially those that are helpful in preventing inflammation in your body. These are tomatoes, bell peppers, apples, grapes, berries and cherries, red onions and Brussels sprouts, plums and oranges.

12. When it comes to physical activity, ensure that you spend time in nature more often, at least three times per week, and exercise calming exercises like yoga, deep breathing and meditation.

13. Combine those exercises with elevating yourself spiritually, by reading spiritual books that are focused of love, life, forgiveness and happiness.

14. Ensure that you have healthy, happy relationships with your family and friends, as well as your significant other, because relationships have a great impact on your personal happiness.

15. Helping others, whether financially or by volunteering in help centers and hospitals can give you a healthy dose of peace of mind and help you broaden your horizons.

16. Don’t forget that sleep is the best cure for any illness – try to always get enough sleep, at the very least 5-7 hours. Avoid napping during the day, and try to sleep through the night.

Stay Healthy – Stay Happy !