10 Most Underrated Exercises For Men

Think you know all the best exercises? Think again

When planning out your daily workout routine, there’s always a bunch of exercises that make you go “yeah no, I’ll pass on that”. There could be plenty of reasons you don’t want to do an exercise.

Maybe they look funny, maybe you think they are for girls or maybe, they involve doing legs — which is something you haven’t done since Soulja Boy’s “crank that” dance was a thing.

So for this occasion, we’re gonna do a walkthrough of some of the exercises you either don’t do or for some reason think you don’t need to be doing.

Most Underrated Exercises For Men

1. Duck Walk


This is that one exercise your PE teacher always tormented you with back in high school. Yes, it’s horrific and painful and yes I am being serious. Once you master the duck walk you will see some serious quad and strength gains.

2. Frog Jumps



Since we kinda set the nostalgic tone here with Soulja Boy and the duck walk, let’s continue this with another high school PE torment method — frog jumps. Everything I said about the duck walks also works for the frog jumps. They are painful, horrible and no one really likes doing them, but you can’t deny its effect.

3. Goblet Squat


Usually, when you do squats you probably do them the old school way; barbell on your back with some weight on. Nothing wrong with that, but you should give goblet squats a try.

You can do them with either a dumbbell or a kettlebell. It takes some pressure off your lower back and you get to use arms while doing legs!

4. Reeves Deadlift


Named after the legendary Steve Reeves, this is basically a plate hold deadlift. If you think your grip is lacking and could be better, give this a shot.

It will build your back and legs as all regular deadlifts do, but it will be super awkward on your grip and will force it to grow stronger.

5. One-Handed Deadlift

Do you want to impress the ladies at the gym and look badass while doing so? Of course, you do. Now give this hardcore exercise a shot, it will give your grip strength a serious run for its money.

The trick here is the balance because a slight tilt to the left or to the right and suddenly the whole weight will shift to that side.

6. Constant Tension Alternate Curl


Finally, time to do some arms! Curls for the gurls, or so goes the popular gym bro saying and it isn’t wrong. I think it’s fair to say that you know how to do curls and that you do them often.

However, this one is a bit different because your guns are never relaxed. These curls put your biceps under constant stress because they are either curling a weight or they are waiting to curl the weight in a curl position.

Feeling confused? No worries, that’s why the video tutorial is here to clear all doubts.

7. Turkish Get-up


The Turkish Get-up is a very weird exercise. It’s hard to actually pinpoint what muscles you use when doing them or what function it has.

However, you can’t deny that being able to lift a 60-pound kettlebell or a dumbbell from the ground to a standing position in one motion isn’t impressive as hell!

This is basically an entire body exercise that requires technique and strength mastering while having laser-like focus. Don’t go heavy with this exercise in the beginning. Practice the technique with lighter weight and gradually move up.

7. Overhead Squat

If you thought regular squats were hard, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In order to pull this one off, you will have to have great lower body strength.

It will build your posterior chain; glutes, hamstrings, quads and core but it will also give you hell. But look at the bright side, it’s another leg exercise where you get to use your arms.

8. Incline Push-up


Going back old school with this one. Push-ups don’t need any special introduction, they are one of the first exercises you ever get to do in your life. Incline push-ups are regular ones with your arms on a slightly elevated platform.

This particular variation builds your lower chest and back and because it’s on an incline it usually easier to perform making it an ideal finisher exercise

9. Weighted Bulgarian Split Squat



Bulgarian squats are a leg day must-have exercise. They give your quads and glutes one hell of a workout and they require focus and balance when doing them.

Adding a pair of dumbbells as extra weight is a no-brainer to get even better results from the exercise.

10. Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press


Do you have a weaker side or a weaker pec? Does your barbell tilt a bit to one side when doing the bench press? Then these are the drones you are looking for.

Single arm presses are great for fixing those muscular imbalances and fixing the weaker sides. It forces your weaker arm to work harder instead of letting the stronger side take over and do all the heavy lifting.

You can do it on a flat bench or on an incline — neither is wrong.