10 Girls With A Better Ass Than Jen Selter

We are in the golden era of ass my friends, never before has there been such abundant imagery of great asses readily accessible at your fingertips.

Your great grandfather couldn’t have even imagined the amazing times we’re living in. Now when we made this list, we were looking for a very particular type of ass.

We’re not looking for the giant freak show asses, that’s a different category entirely, you can save that for WorldStar. We are connoisseurs of ass aesthetics and conducted a detailed analysis delving into factors of plumpness, separation, symmetry, firmness, shape, waist to hip ratio, and even imagined booty smell.

We didn’t specifically choose fitness models but I think it’s pretty clear that all these girls know their way around a squat rack. Allow us to be your internet tour guide to tooshy.

We spotted Jen Selter early on at about 25k followers when she first started getting popular on instagram and I was just like damn, that’s a sensational ass, this is big news. Let’s start the show…

Bruna Lima

This Florida resident and native of Brazil was born in 1996 and has very special glutes. I’d like to call for extra attention to the fullness and separation of the buns.

Sunamys Villalba

Take a look at this hidden treasure. This fashion killa has a perfect little fat ass with excellent symmetry and roundness, big things to come in the future from this chick, mark my words.